Key Deliverable #5: A 21st Century Mobile Business

What could be more flexible or more mobile than to be able to access all of your key business applications and work all day long using only your smartphone or tablet?  

That is exactly the vision we had that is almost now a reality here at EBSG with the launch of our first three fully mobilized and web enabled solutions in SellSmart-ME, WorkSmart-ME and SupportSmart-ME.

Now that we all have access to fully pervasive, high speed mobile internet as well as affordable yet extremely powerful touchscreen smartphones and tablets, the whole business productivity application paradigm is being turned on its head.

We're not too sure if there's ever going to be a "Post-PC" world but what we are sure about is that we are already in the "Not Only The PC" world and are fully committed to growing our range of fully mobilized business solution to complement our initial three offerings.

With all our current focus centered on this space we are also committed to expanding our range of "Rapid Application Mobilization" services for any organization seeking to leverage our expertise in this area. There are several alternate strategies to consider and no obvious, single correct path to follow as yet despite all the buzz around X-Pages but we will be sure to stay at the forefront of this sector.

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