Key Deliverable #4: A 21st Century Social Business

Is what we all called "Collaboration" in the good old 20th Century now simply being re-spun as "Social Business" here in the 21st Century?  

Well, although we have a certain amount of sympathy with that perspective given the IT industry's penchant for generating as much buzz as possible around the "next big thing" whatever that may be next week, there's one thing that we know for sure. The IBM Notes-Domino platform is about to prove itself to be just as capable a spcial business platform as it already has proven itself to be as a collaboration platform.

With all the buzz in the market around IBM (formerly Lotus) Connections and Microsoft's Sharepoint in that space it would appear that the Notes-Domino platform has all but been forgotten in this respect. And yet, the majority of the functionality being deliverd via the IBM Connections solution, which appears to be establishing itself as the market leading enterprize, social business application can already be delivered via the Notes-Domino platform, albeit in a less scalable (but also extremely less costly) form.

EBSG is committed to bringing you a steady stream of fully packaged and Notes-Domino based, social business solutions over the coming months to complement its HireSmart and PeopleSmart offerings that are destined to establish a similar leadeship position as IBM Connections but for the SMB.

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