Key Deliverable #3: Improved Operational Flexibility & Responsiveness

When we speak of delivering improved operational flexibility and responsiveness we are really referring to the creation of an IT infrastructure that supports rather than hinders such flexibility and responsiveness. 

We are constantly amazed at the number of organizations that we speak to where the strategic IT plan is either out of step with or is lagging seriously behind the strategic business plan. In many cases we find that the organizational IT infrastructure is actually hindering rather than helping the business.

In a very high percentage of these cases the primary reason for this disconnect is quite simply the rate of change demanded by market conditions or competition significantly exceeding the rate with which the organization can change its IT initiatives.

With this issue in mind, EBSG is developing a range of completely flexible solution delivery contracts that will allow a client organization to simply subscribe to the solution set that it requires for the foreseeable period ahead but has inbuilt within it an ability to drop solutions that are no longer required and subscribe to more appropriate solutions virtually at the drop of a hat.

Why invest in perpetual licenses when to business software today when you are likely to need to replace that solution within the next 5 years in any event to stay ahead of the competition?  

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