Creative Idea #1: Our Very Own, 21st Century Business Model

Following on from the guiding principle of "Walking Our Own Talk" we have fully implemented and already benefit greatly from - what we call -our "21st Century Business Model"..

When we first adopted the principle of 'walking our own talk' we were really only referring to the fact that we actually used the solutions that we developed, promoted and sold to run our own business in a more efficient, but still fairly traditional fashion. We soon realized however, that the power and flexibility of Notes-Domino technology not only made us more efficient, but actually empowered us to start operating in what appeared to be a completely new, more flexible, more responsive, more cost-effective and an - as yet - fairly innovative manner.

In that respect, we regard the manner in which we operate as the perfect illustration of what the Notes-Domino technology set can do for a business.

First and foremost; the offline capabilities of the Lotus Notes client empowers our people to work effectively anywhere that they happen to be at any given moment in time. They can quite literally carry their office systems with them in their laptops. Second; since the advent of pervasive high speed mobile internet access, our people can typically work just as effectively - anywhere they can get signal - using only their Smartphone or Tablet. Third; we use the Instant Messaging and screensharing capabilities of Lotus Sametime to collaborate online with our colleagues and our customers rather than having to schedule office-based meetings. 

The Business Impact - We realize a significant reduction in our operating costs as we can all work from geographically disparate, home-office bases and thereby eliminate completely the time, cost and stress of travelling to and from central office bases. We also eliminate the costs of providing, maintaining and servicing those offices.

Four; Notes-Domino technology provides us with a completely paper-free, workflow-centric, email and e-forms enabled, collaborative, electronic platform upon which to deliver key business applications in support of our core business processes.

The Business Impact - In addition to realizing additional cost savings via the virtual elimination of paper and all associated paper-handling and storage costs, we realize significant improvements in efficiency by having each of our core processes running on workflow controlled and e-forms based systems that passively enforce best practices and ensure that the job at hand gets done right not just first time, but every time.

Five; The functional capability of the Notes-Domino platform continues to grow at a significant pace - building on its proven track record in the collaboration space - to more fully embrace web, mobile and social business technology sets.

The Business Impact - We can not only be far more flexible and responsive to market demands to deliver new and fully mobile, social business solutions that will work on any device type, but we can also deploy those solutions internally to make our own business more flexible and responsive to whatever the market demands of us in the future. 

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