Creative Idea #4: Our Commitment To Keeping Things Simple

We are fully committed to making working with us and-or with any of our systems as simple as signing up, logging on and starting work! 

If the current, social media driven, technological era has taught us anything then it has to be that technology does not need to be difficult to use. Indeed, the best technology is extremely easy - even fun - to use. What started out in consumer-land as social media sites and services like Facebook and Twitter and then moved into consumer-centric devices like the iPod, has evolved rapidly to embrace the now almost invaluable, social media sites for professionals, eg LinkedIn, and the almost equally invaluable consumer-to-professional "bridging" devices of the iPhone and the iPad.

Each of these new products and services has not only driven incrementally higher levels of computer literacy and technological awareness across all consumer age groups, but it has also driven a higher level of expectation with respect to how ALL technology should look, feel and perform.

EBSG is committed to making all of its business solutions available either as on-line or mobile services in addition to making them available for on-premise installation and to making their use as intuitive - and wherever possible as fun - as logging on to Facebook and sharing with your friends.   


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