Featured On-Line & On-Premise, Professional Services from EBSG

Special Programs

Optimized for use with touch screen Smart Phones and Tablets and available for on-premise installation or as fully managed, "mobile cloud" services.

Support & Administration

Optimized for use with the IBM-Lotus Domino server managed, online services. Full support for Notes, web and mobile client access.

Architecture & Migration

Optimized for use with IBM's new X-Works, web application or as fully managed and subscription-based, flexible online services.

Delivering The Results That You Require

Every craftsman needs the right tools, but simply having the right tools doesn't make you a craftsman!  

The IBM-Lotus Notes and Domino technology set has long since proven itself to be by far the most powerful and affordable platform for collaboration in the world today and is undoubtedly set to prove itself once again as a similarly powerful platform for delivering social business solutions at an equally affordable price point. Simply having access to the technology within your organization however doesn't mean that you will automatically reap the full rewards of your previous investment, as even the best tools deliver disappointing results in poorly trained or inexperienced hands. When faced with shrinking budgets and the need to do more with less it is becoming increasingly difficult for everyone to justify retaining the level of expensive, full-time resource required to truly stay on top of things.

And that's exactly where we can help: Each of the professional services offered by EBSG and by its Service Partners is designed specifically to complement the lower levels of in-house resource that we are all being asked to operate with these days. We can provide you with a flexible, "as required" pool of resource that is already equipped with the very best tools available to get the job done in roughly half the time. Why pay a full-time premium for the level of expertise that you may only need for two weeks in any given year? Why not restructure, outsource what you can and then engage ten different technology-enabled experts with completely different skill sets throughout the year to address your ten most pressing challenges, get the job done in 60% of the time and still save money?? 

**New Service - Software License Compliance Auditing**

There's no denying that software license compliance is becoming an increasingly hot topic these days, so before you get slammed with an unexpected bill from one of your software vendors why not take advantage of one of our newest services - self-auditing for software license compliance - that will give you the easiest possible means of establishing exactly where you stand BEFORE you get any unexpected bills.

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