The EBSG Application SaaSback Program

"Completely Outsourced Hosting & Administration For In-House Developed Notes Applications "

The EBSG Application SaaSback Program provides a convenient means for organizations to provide ongoing access to their Notes-Domino applications without having to maintain an in-house Notes-Domino infrastructure and is the ideal solution for those planning a move away from Notes email but wishing to maintain access to some of their key Notes-Domino applications.

This program is often perceived as the off-premise equivalent of our Application Adoption Program as not only will EBSG provide you with ongoing access to your Notes-Domino applications as they stand today, EBSG can also offer full Development Level Support Services for those applications to update and-or extend the functional capabilities of the applications as required.

Application SaaSback not only removes the requirement to maintain an internal Notes-Domino infrastructure, it also provides for expert-level administration of both the applications themselves and the Domino servers upon which they run ensuring that any loss of skilled internal Notes-Domino administration resources does not impact adversely on the ongoing access to key Notes-Domino applications.

Whether seen as an interim or as an ongoing solution to the challenge of maintaining and-or upgrading the capabilities of your Notes-Domino applications, the EBSG Application SaaSback Program can be combined with any of the other EBSG Special Service Programs to deliver a highly tailored solution to your needs. 


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