The Rapid Application Mobilization Program

Rather than agonize over how best to mobilize your current Notes-Domino apps, then invest in a tool or tools to help you do the work, then train your people in how to use those tools, then ... then ... then ...

Why not just let EBSG do it for you? We will have you mobilized in a matter of days!!!

As I'm sure that you already appreciate, there are many different ways to mobilize a Notes-Domino app and just as many different tools available to help you along the road of getting there. But there are also many questions that you need to ask yourself before you start or you may end up setting off on the wrong path.

The EBSG App-Mobilization Service is designed to get you mobilized in the shortest possible space of time, even if the method that we use day one only turns out to be an interim solution while the right strategy, technology, training and support is put in place to do the job right for the long term.

With the specialist tools that we have at our disposal and our collective experience of mobilization projects, techniques and technology, the EBSG App-Mobilization Service will get you mobilized fast for more immediate operational benefit.

Gain the hindsight that gives you 20-20 vision before commiting to any given path.

With the EBSG RAM program you can;

  • 1. Get Mobilized FAST
  • 2. Pilot Different Solutions
  • 3. Keep Your Options Open
  • 4. Gain Strategic 20:20 Vision
  • 5. Benefit From Progressive Skills Transfer
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