WorkSmart for IBM-Lotus Domino

The premise behind the EBSG WorkSmart Solution ["WorkSmart"] is simple. WorkSmart passively encourages and then actively supports you in your quest to "work smarter" irrespective of which role or function you perform within your organization by applying everything that we have learnt about Contact Management, Sales Force Automation & CRM and then applying those principles to the completely generic issue of Workload Management.

Within WorkSmart everything that you do is broken down into specific tasks and activities and placed within the context of Projects, Assignments & Initiatives. With the appropriate context clearly identified, prioritization of workload becomes an absolute breeze.t you propose to do is not related to a current Project or Assignment and/or does not support an

Let's not overcomplicate things here. All work, irrespective of specific function, can be regarded either as a personal or a group "To Do List", a simple collection of tasks and activities. Every team or function within an organization needs to communicate with its "customers", both internal and external. And every team or function should be able to account for what time and effort was consumed by and/or committed to any specific Project, Assignment or Initiative.

In this manner, we believe that WorkSmart is generically applicable and suitable for deployment within any functional team or department within any organization as it delivers a framework for efficiency WITHOUT the need for any kind of comlpex Project Management solution.


WorkSmart. Workload Management Redefined For The 21st Century.

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