Featured On-Line, On-Premise & Fully Mobile Solutions from EBSG

Made for The Cloud

Solutions that are available only via subscription and are delivered via the SaaS model as fully managed online services.

Made for Mobility

Optimized for use with touch screen Smart Phones and Tablets and available for on-premise installation or as "mobile cloud" services.

Made for IBM X-Works 

Optimized for use with IBM's new X-Works, web application server and available for on or off-premise installation.

Made for IBM-Lotus Domino

IBM-Lotus Domino solutions available for on-premise installation or as fully managed, online services.

Delivering The Benefits You Need

Cost Reduction
Oftentimes, cost cutting can actually get in the way of it's own objective as budgets get frozen or cut and there is a tendency to "muddle along" inneficiently with what you already have. Let us show you how to progressively improve your systems, efficiency and performance while simultaneously cutting costs. >>>
Performance Improvement
Rather than just "hope" that your new solution will make you and your team more productive, why not engage with a supplier that is experienced in putting metrics on exactly how much your new solution will improve your productivity and performance pre-sale so that you know exactly what to expect? >>>
Increased Flexibility & Responsiveness
In today's fast paced world, no-one wants to be left behind by a more flexible or more responsive competitor. Let us help you make sure that your systems aren't holding you back.>>>
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