WorkSmart - Mobile Edition

The EBSG WorkSmart-ME Solution ["WorkSmart-ME"] is a version of EBSG's full WorkSmart Solution for Domino that has been optimized for use with SmartPhones and Tablets and can be deployed either as a mobile extension to a wider WorkSmart implementation or as a stand-alone mobile solution in its own right.

The whole premise behind WorkSmart-ME is to give your entire work force a Workload Management Solution that is less intrusive, takes less time to update and helps rather than hinders their primary purpose in life.

With WorkSmart-ME your work force can stay in touch, be where they need to be and do what they need to do - all the while keeping you informed of any relevant outcomes - using simply a smartphone or a tablet.

Deploying WorkSmart-ME finally gives your departmental managers a means of getting up close and personal with any field-based or remote workers without the need to actuallly ride shotgun.

WorkSmart-ME embraces each of the concepts and all of the functionality to be found within SellSmart-ME and adds to those functional capabilites more comprehensive handling of Time, Expense, Project & Assignment management to support a far broader cross-section of functional departments than simply sales & marketing. What results is a solution that is ideally suited for generic departmental workload management.

Whether you are looking for mobile Contact Management, Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Time, Expense, Activity, Project & Assignment Tracking - or any permutation or combination thereof - then WorkSmart-ME could be the ideal solution for you. 


WorkSmart-ME. Mobile Workload Management For The 21st Century.

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