WorkSmart - XWorks Edition

The EBSG WorkSmart-XW Solution ["WorkSmart-XW"] is an entry level version of EBSG's WorkSmart Solution for Domino and one that has been optimized for deployment upon the IBM X-Works, web application server.

The WorkSmart family of solutions are best described as generic Workload Management Solutions that encourage you to work smarter rather than just harder and have been optimized specifically for use here in the 21st Century, within the context of the far more connected, social business world of today.

Within WorkSmart-XW everything that you do is broken down into specific tasks and activities and placed within the context of Projects, Assignments & Initiatives. With the appropriate context clearly identified, prioritization of workload becomes an absolute breeze.

If what you propose to do is not related to a current Project or Assignment and/or does not support an authorized Initiative then you basically shouldn't even be doing it!!!

It simply doesn't get any more complex than that.


WorkSmart-XW. Workload Management Redefined For The 21st Century.

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